A Gift from HABIC – FREE Social Media Content!

With just hours to go, we figure you are up the walls getting everything ready to RETURN TO WORK!!! While it’s all very exciting, there’s a lot of work being done across the country, as businesses in the Hair and Beauty Sector prepare to welcome back their loyal clients.

There are new ways of doing business and while its imperative that we are organised and ready to open our doors, it is also important to prepare your clients for what they can expect.

So with all this in mind, we have prepared some social slides to ease the work load on you. We’ve picked some HOT TOPICS and created some content for you to use on your facebook or instagram pages.

What you now have to do it:

  1. Pick the HOT TOPICS that are most important for you and your clients
  2. Add your business logo to the slide (if you wish!)
  3. Post the slide and include an explanation that informs your client of what they can expect in relation to the particular topic when they arrive at your outlet.
  4. Post as many or as few as you need.
  5. Breath a sigh of relief and tick another job off the TO-DO LIST!!!

So now you have the content… but what are you going to say? Every salon, spa, barber shop and nail bar will have different policies and new ways of managing their space… so these are just suggestions, you’ll know what is right for your business.

Waiting Areadownload image

We no longer have a waiting area….We have reduced waiting area… Please queue outside/ wait in car until we call you….

Appointment Time & Entrance Policydownload image

We ask all our clients to arrive at their appointment time… If you are late for your appointment, our Late Policy is… If you arrive early for your appointment…

 PPE download image

You will be required to wear PPE…. We will supply the required PPE, there will be a fee…..

Sanitationdownload image

You will be required to use our hand sanitiser on arrival… Our teams are trained and will perform regular sanitising routine and between each client….

Social Distancingdownload image

We will observe social distancing and ask our guests to do so…. Our team have been trained and your safety and the safety of our team is our priority….

Zoningdownload image

We have divided the salon into zones to maximise social distancing….

Walk-insdownload image

We will not service walk-ins/ our walk-in policy is …

Appointmentsdownload image

We ask that you book your appointments well in advance… We recommend that you book your next appointment before you leave the salon…. Book by phone, on-line, by messenger, on our app/ website….

Opening Hoursdownload image

We have revised our opening hours…

Older & Vulnerable Clients (& frontline staff) – download image

We have assigned X morning between the times of …… W have assigned a zone…

COVID 19 Questionnairedownload image

It is our responsibility to screen our clients and also to maintain a guest log for the purposes of contact tracing. You will be presented with a  COVID-19 questionnaire on your arrival….. (here’s a link to a sample Questionnaire… another box ticked off your list!)

Client Experience – download image

You will notice difference, there will no longer be magazines to flick through but you will still enjoy the same warm welcome and banter……

ReBound, Recover and Beyond Training Programme for Owners & Manager in the Hair & Beauty Sector.

We wish you the very best as you prepare to transition back to business. We would also like you to know that HABIC Ireland and Image Skillnet have developed a Programme of training for business owners and managers (especially for those managing a team) to support you as you make this transition.

This programme is available to you FREE of charge and includes:

  • 21 Online Training Lessons
  • 2 one-to-one Support Sessions
  • 1 One-to-five Virtual Training Session
  • 30hrs+ FREE Training
  • €2,000+ FREE Training
  • Invaluable Templates
  • Business Audit & Report

Space for this programme is limited. It begins as soon as you register and will guide you along as your transition back to work right up until and into September.

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