The Hair and Beauty industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Ireland. It is a dynamic sector which is constantly evolving and growing, contributing substantially to GDP. To date, as an industry, it has gone unsupported by a unified representative body.

Our Mission

Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation (HABIC) is a non-profit, membership based national organisation committed to representing, supporting, developing and uniting all sectors of the Hair & Beauty industry in Ireland, and all those who work within it. It is a progressive and transformative organisation working on behalf of its members to deliver a comprehensive action plan, which ensures that the voice and needs of the industry are recognised by all.

Our Vision

To be part of a revolution in which the Hair and Beauty industry is highly supported, included, and truly valued as a key industry which makes a significant economic impact to the national GDP and labour force. To have the entrepreneurial and creative nature of the industry valued, and the reputation of the industry held in high esteem.

In short… We are committed to driving industry standards, job creation and personal development, along with economic and reputation growth at a national level for our industry.