HABIC National Register

One of the main aims of HABIC is to facilitate and maintain a Register of industry professionals and professional organisations. As Members of HABIC, these professionals and organisations have articulated and self-declared that they meet or exceed the baseline expected … Read More


Image Skillnet is a non-profit, training network, that facilitates training courses and events at reduced rates, across all areas of the hair and beauty sector.  Image Skillnet was established to support the education needs of businesses and employees in this … Read More


‘Wellness’ and ‘Wellbeing’ are buzz words of the 21st century, but what do they really mean to us all as we go about our daily lives?  The truth is, they mean everything. Without them, we struggle to get through our … Read More

GDPR Support

What information do you have belonging to your clients? – names, contact numbers, credit card details?… you’d be surprised just how much personal information you have on file. In May 2018 our data responsibility changed for good. The introduction of … Read More

Health and Safety

Heath and safety in the work place is governed by laws. It applies to employers, self-employed people and employees in their workplaces, including both fixed-term and temporary employees. The main legislation that covers the health and safety of all stakeholders … Read More