Green Energy Partners Electricity Group Deal

Green Energy Partners are an Irish company who work with commercial customers and organisations to help them to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. 

They work with the top energy suppliers in the Irish market to bring you real savings on your energy bills. Green Energy Partners are not aligned to any particular supplier, so they can secure the best electricity and gas rates available on the market. Their energy consultants will guide you to the best supplier for your meter type and consumption level. 

Green Energy Partners take away all the hassle of switching suppliers by;

  • Reviewing your contract status.
  • Managing your switch/renewal.
  • Resolving any outstanding balances or disputes with current suppliers.
  • Becoming your point-of-contact for any account queries you may have.  

In addition to this, Green Energy Partners have secured a HABIC Group Discount Deal for all our Business and Trade Members. This rate is available to paid HABIC members only and provides further savings on energy rates.
Each member will receive a bespoke cost savings report detailing their current costs/rates and full details of the group deal with savings outlined.

Green Energy Partners will provide HABIC members with the following complimentary services:

  • A HABIC group discounted energy rate, negotiated on your behalf.
  • A review of meter type, consumption, current energy costs and contract status.
  • The management of your switch/renewal.
  • Resolution of any outstanding balances & disputes with suppliers.
  • An energy consumption analysis and audit.
  • An energy reduction strategy and GEP Green Certificate window decal.
  • Direct account management throughout the year for any billing queries. No need to phone your supplier, simply phone GEP and they will look after your query.

To find out more on how to access this discount as a paid member of HABIC, please click here.

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