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Welcome to HABIC, we are delighted that you have joined or are considering joining us and becoming a crucial part of this industry-wide innovation and transformation.

By becoming a member of HABIC you are saying that you are committed to driving industry standards, job creation, personal development and economic & reputation growth at a national level for our industry.

HABIC membership offers you many benefits, not least that it will act as a unified voice for YOUR industry.

Whether you are an Associate Member, Employee Member or Business or Trade Member, we encourage you to promote your membership – include it on your CV, course/job applications and your social media profiles.

As a Business or Trade Member you will receive a HABIC Membership Badge which we encourage you to use widely. We ask that you include it on your – email signature, social media profile, website, business card and all marketing material.

HABIC Membership is open to the entire Hair and Beauty industry. Everyone from student to owner/manager is encouraged to join us. Membership is open to all disciplines from salons, barbers, product retailers, those in the film industry through to product house and cosmetic manufacturers.

We encourage you to promote HABIC membership to your colleagues and friends within the industry. The more members, the stronger our voice will be. We thank you for becoming a Member and for joining us on this important journey and also for spreading the word!

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