HABIC National Register

One of the main aims of HABIC is to facilitate and maintain a Register of industry professionals and professional organisations. As Members of HABIC, these professionals and organisations have articulated and self-declared that they meet or exceed the baseline expected industry standards, and operate with ethics and professionalism to give confidence to the consumers.

As the Hair and Beauty industry has grown and developed, there has been vast evolution in occupational professions, and the broad range of different treatments and services provided to consumers.

It has become increasingly difficult for the industry and public to identify organisations and professionals who operate and work to, or above, the baseline expected industry standards.

Unfortunately, there is a rising black market and growing reports of unsafe and unprofessional services being delivered by a small minority of practitioners. It is essential that the public can easily identify organisations and individuals who have invested in the development of their organisation and personnel, and those who have opted to articulate and self-declare their professional status by signing up to a Code of Conduct and Ethics.

This Register provides clarity on organisations and professionals who have invested time to self-declare their qualifications, experience, ethics and professional acumen, also their willingness to operate within the parameters of the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

By joining the Register, organisations and individual professionals are committing and self-declaring to the public that they operate in a professional manner.

The Register is open to individuals and organisations in various careers within the Hair and Beauty industry who qualify one of the following;

  • have at least one year relevant post-qualification industry experience.
  • have received a solid baseline qualification from a recognised certification body.
  • have served a structured hairdressing apprenticeship.

Along with the above, each person applying for Membership must complete a self-declaration to abide by the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.
Why join the National Register?

Ultimately, the National Register will enhance public awareness of and drive their desire for higher standards of service and product. The National Register enables the general public (your clients) the opportunity to choose a Hair or Beauty professional who has articulated and self-declared their professionalism, and abides by the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Your inclusion on this National Register will:

  • voice your self-declared professionalism.
  • automatically list youon the public facing HABIC National Register as a professional.
  • provide you with professional recognition through the use of the HABIC Membership Badge

The HABIC National Register lists organisations and individuals who have self-declared and signed up to the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Please read the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics before completing and signing up for HABIC Employee Membership.

When Choosing an Organisation or Professional from the HABIC Register

When choosing an organisation or professional from the HABIC Register you can be reassured that this member self-declared the following;

  1. They have received relevant training and continue to up-skill through CPD (continuous Professional Development).
  2. They have gained relevant experience to provide a professional service.
  3. They work with appropriate insurance for the service/s they provide.
  4. They maintain safe working practices for all involved.
  5. They work as a professional that does not enhance the black market.
  6. They ensure that dignity, ethics and respect is core to their role.
  7. They abide by the HABIC Codes of Conduct and Ethics.

Please note: The National Register is not intended as a diagnostic of individual creativity, quality, standards or service, nor does it recommend one professional over another.

This National Register is a guide. It is intended to showcase members who have declared that they warrant professional status. It allows the consumer to easily identify those in their area who have identified why they should be considered a professional.

Finding Registered Service Providers

Business Members of the National Register will receive a Certificate of Inclusion to display on their premises, also a window decal which will be a visual presentation of their membership.

And very shortly, you will be able to search for registered members supplying your required service on this website. Stay tuned for updates!

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