HR Contract Templates

When we asked our members what they ‘need’ and ‘want’ from HABIC there was a resounding request for HR Contract Templates. 

This is a hefty request, but HABIC is committed to giving the best support to our Members and to delivering on our promises. 

We have secured access to trustworthy and well-researched GUIDES which will assist our Members as they go about managing their businesses and teams. 

All Business and Trade Members of HABIC will become Members of ISME, receiving a loging to to access the ISME Member’s Area where you will find vast and excellent content including:

Contract Templates including:

  • Full-time employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Fixed-term part-time employment
  • Fixed-term full-time
  • Employment Regulation Orders

HR for many is a minefield best avoided… but as owner/ managers, we simply cannot avoid HR. It’s one of those harsh realities of running a business as an employer.

HABIC understands the importance of solid and reliable advice and we provide our Business and Trade Members with access to trustworthy Employment Law and HR Advice including access to a dedicated HR service and advice line.

For more information on the content and services that you will have access to as a member of ISME when you become a Business or Trade Member of HABIC, please see:

The following content is only available to HABIC Business and Trade Members

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