Specialised Industry Insurance with Member Discounts

When you run your own business, the reality is you assume responsibility for the wellbeing of a number of people including - your employees and your customers.  There are countless scenarios in the day to day operation of any business when there is the potential for any of these parties to be affected in a way that could cost you dearly. But you can and must protect yourself, and business insurance offers you this protection and the peace of mind that goes with it. Insurance provides protection in the case of customers experiencing harm at the hands of your business, or if your business is harmed by an unfortunate accident such as a fire. There are different types of business insurance and there are experts who specialise in insurance for the Hair and Beauty Industry. It is this combined knowledge and expertise that HABIC has accessed for the Benefit of our Business and Trade Members. We have teamed up with specialised Insurance Brokers, experts in dealing with businesses in our industry, and have negotiated discounts on your behalf. Please note: HABIC has negotiated preferential rates on behalf of its members only. HABIC accepts no responsibility for the quality of service provided by the supplier. Suppliers are chosen at the member’s discretion, responsibility and risk.

Discounted Offers for HABIC Members

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