Performance Management

When you employ a team, be it a team of 2 or 20, managing the performance of your team is critical. It’s not just a case of doing an annual performance review. It is an on-going process and requires time and planning. 

Your staff need clear objectives to be set, so that there is an understanding of what is expected of them. Guidance and coaching and a feedback process to ensure everyone is working towards delivering these objectives and goals is essential.

To ease the load on our Members and with the purpose of supplying trustworthy, up-to-date content and advice, HABIC provides Business and Trade Membership with Membership of ISME (the Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association) as part of your HABIC Membership.

Through your ISME Membership you have full access to information, guides and templates including information on:

  • Developing an Effective Management System for your employees performance
  • The Performance Management Cycle and how to use a 3 phased approach to get the most of your employees
  • Templates and guidance to develop a Performance Assessment Form

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