Recruitment and Selection Advice

Employing a new member for your team is a big investment not only financially but also in time. And so it is a process that should be undertaken with care and consideration.

It is important to be prepared – create a job description, decide on the relevant qualifications that the position requires and consider the level of experience you require the candidate to have.

As a member of HABIC, you also become a member of ISME (the Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association).

As a Member of ISME you have access to excellent and a substantial amount of HR information and advice including:

  • Recruitment Information & Advice
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Sample Interview Scoring Grid
  • Induction Plans
  • Letters of Offer/ Employment Templates

Turnaround time for HR queries is as follows:
Initial response: 1 full working day.
General queries: 1 full working day.
Contracts for review, individual polices, etc.: 1 week.
Handbooks or policies (more than 4): 2 weeks.
Template letters: 2 working days if not immediately available on website.
Queries requiring research: Will get an update within 3 working days if not resolved, and will be in contact with a progress update

The following content is only available to HABIC Business and Trade Members

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