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The Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation has partnered with Irish start-up, to bring digital cashless tipping to our members and their customers in an increasingly cashless society.

Sign up for free to Strikepay and start earning tips in real time straight to your Strikepay account.

HABIC is always working hard on behalf of you, our members, to bring new and innovative solutions to the hair and beauty industry.

Due to the increase in card payments and the subsequent rise of the ‘cashless society’, particularly since re-opening, clients are often unable to reward excellent service and show their appreciation in tips, simply because they have no cash to hand. As a result, staff are losing out on this income.

By way of a solution to this problem, we have partnered with Strikepay to bring you the first truly contactless payment technology which will enable you, our members, to receive tips in real time directly from your clients into your own Strikepay account, via a personal QR code.

HABIC in partnership with Strikepay is offering all HABIC members free sign-up to Strikepay. You are invited to set up a Strikepay account to receive your personal QR code with the option of also ordering your own personalised card, which usually costs €14.95 but is free to all HABIC members until 31st July 2021.

Once you are set up, you can start receiving tips straight away via your QR code which is also printed on your card. Managing and editing your Strikepay account profile is easy. Once a day, you can then pay out your tips from your Strikepay account into a nominated bank account of your choice, provided you have a minimum balance of €10.

Should customers wish to tip you but have no cash, you can show them your Strikepay QR code or card. They can then tap the card itself, or scan the QR code, select a tip amount, and pay using their Apple or Google Pay. They do not need to download an app or register an account to tip. It couldn’t be easier for them.

About Strikepay

Strikepay is an Irish fintech start-up which has developed a digital personal payment technology designed to make tipping and payments as easy as possible. As the world moves quickly to a cashless, contact-free society, the service industry is losing out as consumers no longer have cash to tip and make payments. Strikepay’s patent pending technology solves this everyday problem enabling digital payments without the need for a payment terminal or an app on your phone. Strikepay has been successfully deployed in multiple industries in Ireland and is now launching in a number of international markets. Strikepay’s mission is to build the most frictionless, digital, personal payment platform.

To avail of this offer from Strikepay and to get set up with Tap & Tip and start earning tips again, please click here.

Is there any cost to members?

There is a monthly admin fee for Strikepay account holders of €1.95 which is debited by Strikepay from your tips after your first full month of receiving tips, and monthly thereafter. If you’re not receiving tips, you will not be charged the admin fee. 

If the client chooses not to accept the transaction fee*, it will come out of your tip. However, Strikepay data shows that customers accept the transaction fee 97% of the time so you can receive 100% of the tip.

*transaction fee is charged as follows:

€1 – €8 @ 6% + €0.06 cent

€9 – €500 @ 3% + €0.30 cent

The amount is calculated at the time of the transaction and is clearly displayed to the customer.

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