Terms of Employment

Terms of Employment and Employment Contract Templates

There are so many jobs to do and responsibilities for the business owner/manager. It’s challenging to stay on top of all aspects of the Business. We know this all too well, thanks to great feedback from our Members.

The responsibility of providing employment is a weighty responsibility and it’s important to stay on top of things.

Providing your employees with Terms of Employment is a legal requirement. This is generally taken to mean that you must provide a Contract of Employment. And yes there are specific requirements and content that must be included.

To ease the load on our Members and with the purpose of supplying trustworthy, up-to-date content and advice, a benefit of HABIC Business and Trade Membership is receiving Membership of ISME (the Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association) part of package.

Through your ISME Membership you have full access to the following templates of contracts of Employment :

  • Full-time Contract
  • Part-time Contract
  • Fixed-term Contract

The following content is only available to HABIC Business and Trade Members

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