Charlotte Bradshaw

A qualified Chartered Accountant with over 23 years’ experience managing the finances of numerous companies, Charlotte brought her skillset to the Dylan Bradshaw brand in 2000 and has never looked back. More than a stalwart behind the scenes at Dylan Bradshaw, Charlotte’s financial and business expertise is the driving force behind Dylan’s creative vision. Having steered the commercial growth of the Dylan Bradshaw brand over the past 19 years, Charlotte has overseen the brand’s diversification into retail and developed what has become Ireland’s leading hairdressing education facility, the Dylan Bradshaw Academy.

Charlotte’s continued success has resulted in requests for her consultancy services to salons around the country. As a result was established and is the world’s only hairdressing industry social media platform for trade professionals. In its infancy, Charlotte plans to implement a dedicated strategy to further grow the site and widen the reach throughout 2019. Charlotte is regularly sought out by business forums and the media for comment on industry news and to act as speaker at business events.

The ability to see opportunities and scope for the brand, combined with Charlotte’s determination to see a project through has been key to her success at driving the brand and solidifying its position within the industry. Working in tandem with the creative side, Charlotte has secured a successful position for the Dylan Bradshaw brand in Ireland and international markets.

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