Lesley Blair


Lesley joined the BABTAC & CIBTAC Council in 2012, having been a CIBTAC Examiner for 17 years previous to that. A highly qualified industry expert, she has always been passionate about the beauty industry and committed to doing all she can to raising the level of professionalism in the industry and maintaining the highest standard of qualifications.

Lesley took over as Chair of BABTAC & CIBTAC in January 2018 and has work tirelessly since then to ensure the values and objectives of both these prominent not for profit organisations continue to be realised. Her priorities remain leading the call for self-regulation in the UK; ensuring students are informed on how to recognise the importance of world-class qualifications; supporting and promoting responsible therapists and businesses in our sector, and ultimately ensuring the safety of consumers.

Not one to ever rest on her laurels, Lesley is proving she has an admirable work ethic and a selfless commitment to achieving positive changes in such an evolving industry. She currently contributes to many credible industry advisory panels and is delighted to be part of the HABIC Executive Council.

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