CRSS – Double Restart Weeks

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Restart Week – CRSS Guidelines

Did you know?

Businesses that have qualified for CRSS, may be eligible to claim two additional weeks of support! (ACTE) under the scheme on the first two weeks they reopen/ restart work. For most of you working in the Personal Care Sector – that starts this week (week commencing 10th May)!

When a business is permitted to reopen in line with the Government’s easing of restrictions,  they may be eligible to claim two additional ‘restart week’ payments. The purpose of the additional weeks of support is to assist businesses with the costs of recommencing after a period of restrictions.

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How to make a claim?

Claims for the double restart weeks (standard weeks plus additional ‘restart weeks’) can be made via the claim portal in respect of CRSS. This is available via the eRepayments system on ROS.

Industry Example – ‘Double Restart Week Payments’

Purple Hairdressing Ltd in Co. Donegal was significantly restricted from operating since December 2020 because of COVID restrictions introduced by the Government. The business satisfied the eligibility criteria for making a claim for an ACTE under CRSS, including having the intention to recommence its activities when restrictions are lifted, and therefore made a claim for CRSS payments in respect of that period.

The Government announced the easing of restrictions within the hair and beauty sector from 10 May 2021. Following the lifting of COVID restrictions on 10 May 2021, the company intends to recommence its activities.

Purple Hairdressing Ltd are eligible to make a claim for two double restart week payments after exiting the period of restrictions. The claim must be made no later than 8 weeks from the date on which the restrictions, to which the restart week claim relates, are lifted.

The company’s average weekly turnover in 2019 was €6,000 and on that basis, the company may claim restart week payments totalling €2,400. This amount is computed as follows (€6,000*20% (double the normal rate)), which equates to €1,200 per week, and for 2 weeks is €2,400. This amount is due irrespective of the amount of Purple Hairdressing Ltd’s turnover in the restart week.

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