Don’t let Lockdown get you Down!

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We’ve been here before and so we know what to expect. This alone could get you down – BUT DON”T LET IT!

Use it to your advantage. Set some daily goals for yourself with a balance of keeping busy and enjoying some quiet time. (Don’t set too many daily challenges as this will only add to the stress!!!)

Mix up how you use your time – family time, home-schooling time, work time and YOU time. Find a rhyme that works for you, your family needs and your personality and try not to let Lockdown get you Down.

Easy said than done… So here are some tips to reducing the stress and to keeping your head and health UP and not letting LockDown to get you Down!

  • Routine is Key

Routine is crucial if you want to stay positive and motivated. Early rising (or not!), getting out for a walk, home schooling, eating regularly, exercise, exploring a lapsed hobby, explore a new hobby or up-skill.

Making a list for things you want to achieve in the short term/ daily and in the long term. Make use the list is achievable and then enjoy the pleasure and reward of ticking off the list!

  • Keep Physically Active

Keep active. Develop your own routine that will keep you healthy mentally and physically whether it’s a morning and evening walk, yoga, a cold shower!!! There are so many ways to stay fit and healthy and now that we are closing in on a year with COVID, there are so many resources available online between zoom and video classes.

  • Keep Mentally Active

Let’s face it, the days can be long when we are not going out to work. But there are plenty of ways to keep the head busy. Work wise, you might decide to use this time to catch up on book-keeping or to up-skill and do that online social media course that you’ve been putting off. Or you might set aside some time every day to update your website and your online store or to finally set about creating a website for your business.

For others is might be time to explore some of those other notions that you have had but never had the time to explore…. Get creative – paint, draw, write. Or learn something new. Whatever you decide to do, it’s vital to give your head something to keep it active and motivated.

  • Bite Sizes

Bite sizes – go easy on yourself and set realistic achievements. Break down a task into bite sizes, its far more rewarding that way. Eliminate any stress and enjoy achieving.

  • Reward Yourself

Whether you have finally painted that wall or joined an ImageSkillnet online course, it’s important to reward yourself. Rewards can be anything from half an hour on the couch with a book, an episode of whatever you are watching on Netflix or getting out for a walk.

  • Don’t Compare

We are all different and we all manage our days differently. There’s no pressure to be a certain way and to do certain things. Find a rhythm that works for you and your household and don’t add to the stress by comparing yourself to other households.

These might all seem pretty obvious, but sometimes it is the simple things that make a difference. And seeing as we are all in this together – we’d love to hear how you are managing to let letting Lockdown to get you Down!

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