Finding a Supplier

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It’s important that when starting out that you find a reputable suppler for your salon. You may need to find several different ones depending on what products you need. Outlined below are a few tips on sourcing products and what to look for:

  • Check trade publications to see what companies are advertising. This will give you an idea of who is selling to the industry.
  • Attend trade shows where you can make a personal connection with the companies you are interested in buying from.
  • Ask other salon owners in your area who they buy from and are they happy with the service.
  • Check the terms and conditions for each supplier and their delivery methods.
  • If buying skincare check what is the % of free samples and marketing you will receive?
  • Do not buy off the any internet sites you are unsure of as product quality cannot be guaranteed.
  • Reliability is very important as you don’t have time to be chasing up your order.
  • Don’t forget location – it’s cheaper to source your products in Ireland especially with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

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