Free Diversity & Inclusion Training

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HABIC, in association with Image Skillnet, is offering members the chance to sign up for FREE Diversity and Inclusion Training commencing in May.

A fundamental aspect of building inclusive working environments is ensuring that everybody has the knowledge and awareness they need to foster a supportive, inclusive culture. Investing in diversity has been proven to increase creativity and innovation, widen talent pools, boost productivity and positively impact business performance.

Tailored specifically for professionals in the grooming industry, the free programme’s primary focus will be on INCLUSION: inclusive practice and inclusive leadership, resulting in inclusion for all clients, colleagues, and external stakeholders

The training will take place over 8 weekly online sessions of 3 hours, which will consist of PowerPoint presentations, group Q&A sessions, professional discussions and case studies. Videos and contemporary articles and reports will also be used.

The end goal of the training is that:

  • Consumers from all demographics of society who engage with the personal grooming industry, will feel valued and respected
  • Leaders, managers, and employees in the personal grooming industry will become champions for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, will create an inclusive culture that promotes diversity as well as ensuring legal obligations relating to Diversity and Inclusion are adhered to.

The programme has been designed and will be delivered by the Irish Centre for Diversity, who work in partnership with organisations across the country at all stages of their equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) journey, helping them transform their workplace environment to one which is equitable and inclusive.

The programme will be split into 3 groups as follows:

Group 1: Commencing Tuesday May 17th morning
Group 2: Commencing Tuesday May 17th afternoon
Group 3: Commencing Wednesday May 18th morning

Registration for the sessions is via the Image Skillnet website, where you’ll also find more information about the structure of the course:

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