Who does Business Membership apply to?

HABIC BUSINESS Membership is available for businesses operating within the Hair and Beauty industry. This applies to:

  • Hairdressing Salons
  • Barber Shops
  • Beauty Salons
  • Nail Bars, Brow Bars
  • Spas
  • Cosmetic Retailers
  • Mobile Service Providers

It applies to you whether you are a self-employed sole trader with one outlet, or a company with multiple outlets trading under the same business name. If you have multiple outlets you will require a Business Membership for each outlet/business.(We have a rate plan in place for this)

Benefits of Business Membership

Business Membership of HABIC will offer you access to our BENEFITS SUITE

  • Inclusion on the HABIC National Register
  • Business Advice & Templates – HR, Health & Safety, GDPR and more
  • Discounts on numerous professional services through HABIC’s Discount Programme
  • Membership of ISME
  • Upskilling opportunities & CPD courses
  • Networking events
  • And not least, it will act as a unified voice for your industry

The HABIC National Register

Joining HABIC as a Business Member requires that you join the HABIC National Register by:

  1. self-declaring your ability to practice as a professional.
  2. signing up to the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

It is vitally important that you take the time to read the following details and understand the value and the role of the National Register.

The National Register is a listing of organisations and professionals working within the Irish Hair and Beauty industry.

As HABIC Members, these professionals and organisations have articulated and self-declared that they meet or exceed the baseline expected industry standards, and operate with ethics and professionalism to give confidence to the consumers.

As the Hair and Beauty Industry has grown and developed, there has been vast evolution in occupational professions and the broad range of different treatments and services provided to consumers.

It has become increasingly difficult for the industry and public to identify organisations and professionals who operate and work to or above the baseline expected industry standards.

Unfortunately, at present, there is a rising black market and growing reports of unsafe and unprofessional services being delivered by a small minority of practitioners. It is essential that the public can easily identify organisations and individuals who have invested in their organisation’s and personal development, and those who have opted to articulate and self-declare their professional status by signing up to a Code of Conduct and Ethics.

The Register is open to individuals and organisations in various careers and sectors within the Hair and Beauty industry. To register, the individual or organisation must quality one of the following;

  • That they have obtained a professional qualification accredited by a recognised body.
  • That they have gained relevant practical and professional industry experience. 
  • That they have completed a structured industry hairdressing/ barbering apprenticeship.

Along with the above, each member must self-declare to abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you are welcome join HABIC as a valued member of our industry and keep up to date with industry information by joining as an Associate Member which is free of charge.

To enhance public awareness, and to enable the general public to have the opportunity of choosing a hair or beauty organisation or professional who has articulated and self-declared their professionalism, and abides by the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Your inclusion on this National Register will:

  • voice your self-declared professionalism.
  • allow you to stand out from your competitors.
  • automatically list you on the public facing HABIC National Register as a professional organisation or individual.
  • give you a Certificate of Inclusion for the period of one year.

HABIC’s Code of Conduct & Ethics

HABIC’s Code of Conduct & Ethics is in place to ensure that industry standards are maintained. Applications for all categories of membership are accepted on the understanding that Members will adhere to the restrictions defined in the Code of Conduct & Ethics. It is required that you read the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics before signing up.


I verify that as a member of HABIC, I will abide by the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.