HABIC’s Code of Conduct & Ethics is in place to ensure that industry standards are maintained. Applications for all categories of Membership are accepted on the understanding that Members will adhere to the restrictions defined in the Code of Conduct & Ethics.


“Members” refers to all categories of Memberships of the Hair And Beauty Industry Confederation of Ireland, to include the following; “Associate Member, Employee Member, Business Member and Trade Member”.


In the case of the Individual Member – has obtained either/some/all of the following. And in the case of the Business Member that they themselves or their staff have obtained some or all of the following:

  • Members confirm that they have obtained a professional qualification accredited by a recognised body.
  • Members have completed a structured industry hairdressing apprenticeship (where applicable).
  • Members have gained relevant practical and professional industry experience. 

In the case of all Members that:

  • Members are trained and qualified for the services and treatments they provide.
  • Members are trained to use the necessary tools and equipment for the provision of services and treatments.
  • Members continuously engage in both formal and non-formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in their chosen discipline. 
  • Members must not undertake treatments and/or provide services that are beyond the scope of their professional training.
  • Where trainees are involved, Members will ensure that trainees are supervised by a competent member of the team.
  • Members will ensure that all employees are competent, trained and qualified to carry out professional services and treatments.  


  • Members will always put the consumer’s safety and protection at the core of all treatments.  
  • Members will ensure that they wear and use appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) (in line with COVID-19 guidelines). 
  • Members will carry out health and safety risk assessments (in line with COVID-19 guidelines).
  • Members will ensure that their premises, all tools and/or equipment are maintained to ensure the health and safety of all clients, employees, and visitors.
  • Members will ensure that they have erected fire and safety notices in their premises and that they are equipped with a first-aid kit and an accident report book/accident report form on their premises (where applicable).
  • Members will always use products, tools and/or equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. 
  • Members will deliver quality services and treatments, ensuring that the health and safety of their clients and employees is paramount.
  • Members will remove any public health risk to ensure that a safe environment and experience is provided to all. 
  • Members will maintain rigorous hygiene and cleanliness standards. Equipment will be cleaned and sterilised appropriately and clinical waste will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  • Members should enquire about medical allergies and conditions, before treating or providing a service to a new client for the first time.
  • Members must not treat and/or provide a service to a client for a condition, which, to their knowledge, is at the time, under the care and control of a medical practitioner without the knowledge and consent of such medical practitioner.


  • Members will operate with appropriate and necessary insurance cover (to include any insurance required by law), ensuring that the provision of services and treatments are covered in full under such insurance policy.  


  • Members must not engage in activities which are illegal, to include working in or being associated with establishments which offer and/or provide illegal services.
  • Members will carry out their statutory duties and legal obligations as required by the relevant Tax Acts, Consumer Acts, Data Protection Acts and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Companies Acts (where applicable).
  • Where Members have employees (to include full-time and part-time staff), they will ensure that employees’ rights are protected and maintained pursuant to employment legislation.


  • Members will not bring the hairdressing and beauty industries or HABIC into disrepute.
  • Members will ensure that they act in a professional manner and maintain professional behaviours and business practices in their chosen discipline. They shall conduct themselves with professional decorum.
  • Members will always place the welfare of clients above any other considerations.
  • Members will observe the ethics and etiquette of their chosen discipline.
  • Members agree to maintain the confidentiality of their clients at all times.
  • Members will keep standards and deal with complaints in an appropriate and confidential manner.


Any breach of the Code of Conduct & Ethics may be deemed professional misconduct. HABIC reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership of the individual or group of individuals in such cases.

All certificates and publicity materials remain the property of HABIC and must be returned on termination of membership.