Please read these Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) carefully before becoming a Member of HABIC:

Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation (HABIC or we/us/our) is a Membership based non-profit organisation.

By becoming a Member of the HABIC you have entered into an agreement with HABIC (us), as set out in these Terms and Conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about the meaning of any of these terms.

HABIC reserves the right to change these T&Cs at any time without prior notice by amending them online on our website at (our website).

Our Agreement

1. By joining HABIC as a member you will enter into an agreement with us, as set out in (a) these Terms and Conditions and (b) the HABIC Code of Conduct & Ethics (the Code)

2. Our Terms & Conditions are approved by the HABIC Executive Board and set out the HABIC terms including the following and more – membership categories, eligibility/ criteria for membership, the application process, membership subscriptions – all of which are subject to Membership Category. Also the National Register, the HABIC Business Listing and the duties of a member.

3. By joining HABIC you agree to abide by the Code.

4. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about the meaning of any of the terms used in any of these documents

Membership Categories

If you are a second or third level student with an interest in the Hair & Beauty industry and are considering further education within this industry, Associate Membership of HABIC is perfect for you. 

If you are currently unwaged and formerly worked within the industry and are looking to re-enter the industry, Associate Membership is also the right fit for you.

HABIC Employee Membership is for qualified professional EMPLOYEES working within the Hair and Beauty Industry of Ireland. This applies to anyone working in a salon, barbers, spa, beauty school/ college, cosmetic company, retail, film industry, etc.

As an Employee within our industry, you are a critical part of its success. Your personal progression and development is what will drive a sustainable growth of this industry. It is therefore, vital for you and the hair and beauty industry that our ‘Employee’ members are well informed and provided with resources to support your continual personal development (CPD). 

Employee Membership of HABIC offers you a place on the National Register, you will receive your Membership Badge to display with pride.

Business Membership of HABIC includes FREE membership for its Employees. This is just one of the many Benefits of Business Membership. On completion of their registration, your Employer will receive an email with a link and code for you to join HABIC as an Employee Member at no extra cost.

HABIC BUSINESS Membership is available for businesses operating within the Hair and Beauty industry. Business Membership offers you access to a range of Resources and Benefits including discounted training courses, professional services, hotel stays and more.

HABIC Business Membership applies to salon, barbers, spa, cosmetic retail, mobile service providers, etc. It applies to you whether you are a self-employed sole trader with one outlet or multiple outlets trading under the same business name. If you have multiple outlets you will require a Business Membership for each outlet/business. (We have a rate plan in place for this)

HABIC TRADE Membership is available for businesses servicing the Hair and Beauty industry and offers members access to valuable resources and benefits including discounts on professional services, training courses and hotel stays. 

HABIC Trade Membership applies to accountants, recruitment agencies, insurance brokers, educators, etc who service the Hair and Beauty Industry. All businesses will have the option to be listed on the HABIC Business Listing.

Eligibility/ Criteria for membership

Membership of HABIC and a listing on the National Register are open to individuals (employees) and Businesses in various careers within the Hair and Beauty industry.

Membership of HABIC is also open to those who service the Hair and Beauty industry, these business however do not qualify to join the National Register.

In the case of all Member Types, to become a member of HABIC, you must complete the following;

  1. self-declare your ability to practice as a professional.
  2. sign up to the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

The Application Process

5. In order to join HABIC you must:

  • Identify the Membership Option that is the right fit for you.
  • Complete an application form online.
  • Where relevant, payment must be made in full at the time of registration.
  • In the case of Employee and Business Members, you will be asked for your consent for your details to be displayed on the National Register which will be found on our website ( In the case of Trade Members you will have the option to apprear on the HABIC Business Directory.
  • If you consent to having your business details available publicly, you are responsible for making sure that all details entered on your application form are spelt correctly and are in the format you wish them to be displayed in. You must also make sure that any names or logos you supply do not infringe the rights of third parties.
  • Depending on the Membership Option that is relevant to you, you will have to make a one-off annual membership fee payment.
  • Once you have completed the process of joining or the annual renewal process and payment is made in full, you will receive confirmation of your successful application.
  • When your application has been processed, HABIC will confirm your membership and issue you with a unique membership number and a membership badge by email.
  • On successful completion of your registration, Business Members will also receive a HABIC Membership Pack by post. This will include the Terms & Conditions of your Membership and your Certificate of Inclusion and Window Decal. 

6. Subject to our application requirements, HABIC reserves the right to refuse membership applications.

Membership Subscriptions

  • Associate Membership – €0
  • Employee Membership – €0 (part of Business Membership package)
  • Business Membership – €250 (and €125 for subsequent 1st and 2nd Outlet/ Business)
  • Trade Membership – €250

7. Details of membership Options and prices can be found at here. 

The National Register

8. This register provides clarity on organisations and professionals who have invested time to self-declare their qualifications, experience, ethics and professional acumen, also their willingness to operate within the parameters of the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

9. This national register acts as a guide.It is intended to showcase members who have declared a professional standard, and it allows consumers to easily identify and find professionals providing the quality service that they require.

Membership Benefits & Resources

10. A full list of the HABIC Membership benefits and resources available to members can be found here.

11. Your Business and Trade Membership will give you access to the members-only area of our website where you can access materials and benefits.

12. Copyright in all HABIC resources is owned by HABIC. Where you download, print or otherwise use any documents, digital content or other material (in whatever format) these will be available to you under the Licence.

13. Please note that your membership number will be required when you contact suppliers to avail of our extensive Membership Benefits.

Fees & Payments

14. Membership is annual and fees are charged on that basis. 

15. 1 month prior to your Membership Renewal Date you will receive and email from HABIC with your renewal form.  Membership fees and renewal fees are payable in a one-off payment by credit or debit card.

16. If you cancel your membership part-way through a membership year, we will not be able to refund any portion of your annual membership subscription.  

17. HABIC may raise the price of membership each year and we will inform you if we are doing this when we inform you about renewal. See the next section for more details.

Membership Renewals

18. Members will receive a renewal notice each year prior to the anniversary of when that person, business or supplier joined HABIC. This notice will include details of any change in membership fees for the coming year. It will also include any change in Membership Benefits.  

19. If your membership has lapsed or you have cancelled your membership, you will need to contact HABIC to reinstate your membership. You can do so by contacting the membership team on 071 96 15 200.

20. Should your membership lapse or should you cancel your membership, you will no longer be entitled to any membership benefits and your membership number will no longer allow you to access the members-only part of our website or use the  HABIC member logo or display your Certificate of Inclusion.

Termination of Membership

21. HABIC reserves the right to cancel your membership if:

  • you behave inappropriately towards other members; or
  • you bring HABIC into disrepute; or
  • you breach these terms or the Code; or
  • it is found that you have falsely stated your entry requirements or represented your eligibility to join HABIC

HABIC Business Listing

22. Trade Membership will provide you with a listing in our Business Directory. 

23. A listing on the HABIC Business Listing will not give you access to our National Register (database) of professional individuals and industry businesses. If you would like further opportunities to reach HABIC Members advertising and sponsorship packages are available.

24. HABIC reserves the right not to promote products/ services/ offers which are in conflict with HABIC membership services or ethics, and those which are not in line with the code and core values of HABIC.

Trade Membership

25. Trade Membership applications are subject to approval.

25. Colleges and training providers applying for HABIC trade membership must be accredited by an awarding body.

Personal Information

26. We will use the personal information you provide to us to process your membership application and payment, and to provide you with membership services. 

27 We may also inform you about industry news, events and other relevant information via our Member Newsletters. You may opt-out of receiving such communications from us at any time by unsubscribing.

28. See our privacy notice for further details.

Miscellaneous & contact details

29. Each of the above terms shall be read separately and if found to be illegal, void or invalid for any reason, this will not affect any of the other terms.

30. If you have any queries, comments, complaints or other issues about your membership, please contact our membership team on 071 96 15 200. Lines are open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (excluding public holidays and lunch 1-2pm)