Stay in Touch with Zoom during COVID-19. Communication is a basic human need

HABIC’s Guide to Navigating the Uncharted Waters of COVID-19 Part 3

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Our salons are shut and we are more or less off the road. All of this means that we are cut off from our busy social work places and all the chat and banter that goes with that. We are without customers and colleagues … or are we? Isolation doesn’t mean we have to be isolated!

PART 3 – Communication and Connection:
What can you do to break through the sense of isolation, and support your teams, industry, clients and family during this uncertain time? 

Communication is a basic human need, and it is something that is really important during this period of uncertainty.  It is extremely important to manage the social distance and not let isolation take over. 

HABIC Top Tips:

Stay in touch with ZOOM
  • Keep the communication flowing in every direction. 
  • If you are the leader – now is not the time to turn off the phone. You will thank yourself in time for being proactive and engaging. It is essential to support your staff and to keep the connection and lines of communication open. 
  • We highly recommend connecting in real time and through a platform such as Zoom. You can get your entire team engaged and keep the vibrant salon culture and positive energy flowing. Why not try a group virtual coffee break/lunch or a virtual quiz?
  • As an employee, it is also really important to engage with your employer and to maintain the positive connection. 


You may be at home, thinking about those on the frontline and how brave they are, you may even be considering how you can contribute to Team Ireland and the fight against COVID-19. One of the biggest complications from social isolation is loneliness. Here is where you can really support Team Ireland; many of your regular clients will come to you for more than the service you provide. That weekly blow dry is often the main outing of many clients, and the emotional connection that has been built up over time is a vital lifeline for many. 

Connecting with you clients should not be understated. Please do not underestimate the value of a phone call to check-in on your older or more vulnerable clients! We highly encourage you to pick up the phone and make a call so that these clients know they are valued and do not feel alone during this scary time. Our #ReachOutandConnect campaign is detailed HERE. Age Action has provided detailed advice on things to consider before making these important calls. 

To help support you, we have compiled the following resources. 

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