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HABIC’s Guide to Navigating the Uncharted Waters of the COVID-19 Part 2

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Yesterday we began a short series of blogs with the intent of shifting the focus from business and work to ourselves. On a personal level, we have all been flung head first into a world where normality is in a total spin. Work, school, travel, retail, entertainment, socialising… everything is askew. It’s global and for now, there is an unrelenting need for new behaviour – hand washing, essential supplies only, 2km travel, self-isolation for some, cocooning for others. So how are you managing? The sunshine definitely helps right? But, we have quite the journey to go yet and we need to look after ourselves and make good use of this time that we have been given. For this reason, HABIC has created this guide:

HABIC’s 6 Step Guide;  

  1. Acceptance; what is within YOUR control? 
  2. Reflection & Honesty; looking back to help you positively move forward, what should you learn from this crisis?
  3. Communication & Connection; what can you do to support your teams, industry, clients and family during this uncertain time? 
  4. Adaptive Leadership; what can you do now during this time, that will positively impact your life or business in the long run?
  5. Clarity and Focus, Strategy; Focus on the: As is, to Be, and the How to get there.
  6. Be Kind.

In Part 1, we proposed that for the benefit of our Mental Wellbeing that we focus on ‘Acceptance’. Now, in Part 2 we take a look at Reflection & Honesty and setting some life goals.

PART 2 – Reflection & Honesty; Looking back to help you positively move forward. What should you learn from this crisis?

If you have made a decision to focus on what is within your control, it is time to use this time wisely and try to have an honest refection about your life, mind-set, family, social interaction, work, and business. 

The world is on pause, or as some might say “it has been put in the freezer”! However, at some point, the play button will be hit, and we will defrost our lives and return to daily activity. Before you press PLAY, you need to consider; how do you want your post COVID-19 life to be?

Fiona Bennett’s Irish Times article; me-myself-and-I-the-joy-of-being-alone  describes the importance of stepping back; “If we don’t step back and allow the mind to quieten, we don’t get to hear its messages, as we are simply caught up in the humdrum of the noise it contains.  Stepping back from the world of stimulation outside can help us to ground ourselves, pull ourselves together, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and reconnect ourselves with nature”.

There are many questions that you should ask yourself, but only you can answer these questions honestly. There is no point fooling yourself, you will know the true answers to the questions but you will also know deep down if you are willing or able to act on your answers. You will also know what is achievable and realistic. HONESTY is Essential.  

Awareness of your thought process, challenging your thoughts and actions is really important. It is vital not to throw the baby out with the bath water. You should reflect on what is truly important to you and start to implement sustainable change that enhances your life. Be aware that radical change can often cause stress and anxiety. Therefore, give time to setting some SMART goals that will enhance your life. 

To help bring structure and clarity to this process, we have put together some HABIC templates to help you reflect and set goals that are important to you.

  1. HABIC Reflective Questions to Consider
  2. HABIC Reflection Template 
  3. HABIC Understanding Your Why
  4. HABIC Wheel of Life Template 
  5. HABIC SMART GOAL Template 
  6. HABIC SMART GOAL Weekly Achievement Tracker Template
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HABIC is working hard to keep our members updated on all COVID-19 developments from safety to financial. It is also focused on assisting our members as we deal with the personal challenges resulting from the fall out of COVID-19. If there are any resources or information that you would like to receive, please comment below, or email HABIC at info@habic.ie.

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