Hair and beauty staff being trained on how to spot signs of domestic violence

2,500 salons have signed up to the new initiative.

iRadio (Web), 15/11/2021, Unattributed

Staff in the hair and beauty industry are being trained in how to spot signs of domestic violence.

2,500 salons have signed up to a new Women’s Aid initiative that will see support resources available during appointments.

The Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation and Women’s Aid have joined forces to try reach out to the one in four women who experience domestic abuse.

Linda Smith from Women’s Aid says industry professionals have now been trained in how to identify key indicators.

“I think it’s really important that, again, people feel confident and comfortable when they hear a disclosure that they know how to support that woman in the moment and then make that referral on.”

CEO of HABIC is Margaret O’Rourke says the initiative works because salons feel like a safe space.

“It’s a very long standing relationship.”

“You’ll have clients that come in from communion right up to wedding and on. So when these situations do arise, sometimes we can recognise the signs. We can recognise the symptoms.”

QR code stickers will also be placed on salon mirrors that people will be able to scan discreetly to get more information.

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