Hair Competitions/Awards – The Importance of Awards for your Business & the Winning Rules for Entering!

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Why enter for Hair Awards?

MMM – Awards are good for the moral, motivation and marketing!

There are different competition and award models, but very often entrants are shortlisted before final judgement is made. Getting shortlisted, or selected as a ‘finalist’ is something to be celebrated and marketed. It will instill pride in your staff not only in their work but also in your business which in turn will improve staff retention, enthusiasm and productivity.

Winning a competition or being shortlisted as a finalist is also a good news story to be shared publicly through local press, trade publications and on social media. It will generate positive word of mouth and not only will attract new business but also high-calibre staff attracted to the opportunity of being part of an award-winning business.

For the Individual…

And as an individual entering a competition/ awards, they are the ideal launch pad to get your name out there and leverage some positive PR for yourself.

Your application / entry can be as important as your work. A good entry will get you through the process without any glitches, it will also add to the overall impression of you and your work.

Here are a few tips for Competition success!

  1. Download or save the entry form for easy access. Read the competition rules carefully, and then read them again. If you don’t understand something in the rules, get in touch with the organisers and get your questions answered.
  2. Choose the categories you wish to enter carefully. There are usually individual and combination categories.
  3. If a photograph is a pre-competition requirement or if you wish to enter  Photographic Awards, it is important that you use a photographer who understands the importance of lighting on the hairstyle.
  4. It is critical that you choose the very best models to portray your look for the particular categories you wish to enter.
  5. It is also important to get your models hair into top condition before the competition.
  6. Decide on what you want the finished style to be like. Use mood-boards to help to stay focused on the look.
  7. Practice the style with timing in mind. You have to be confident that you can complete it in the time given.
  8. Practice, practice, practice until perfect.
  9. Make-up for your model is also very important. Don’t under estimate the power of it. Get professional help. It will pay off.
  10. Remember that the right clothes on models are vital to complementing a look, so dedicate some time to selecting them or get a clothes stylist.
  11. If using mannequins remember that they should be fully made up i.e. have eye shadow/lipstick/false eyelashes. They should also have some type of clothing around the neck area to enhance the colours in the style presented. If presenting a day style the clothing and accessories will be different to presenting an evening style or an editorial look. So dress your mannequin to suit the category.
  12. Start by preparing your mannequins hair by first rinsing it in lukewarm water. Then cleanse  the hair with shampoo stroking it down the lengths of hair – never mat it between your fingers. Carefully comb it out. Leave to dry naturally lying it flat face up and combed straight.  If coloured do not use hot water.
  13. Fill in your entry form carefully and send it to the organisers in plenty of time. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  14.  On the competition day, arrive early. Find out where you should be at what time etc. Listen carefully to any instructions given to you by the organisers.
  15.  Be very aware of your tools and equipment on the day. They can be lost or stolen easily on such a busy day. This will lead to upset and will ruin an otherwise fantastic day.
  16. There will be scrutineers/wise men on the competition floor to see that the rules are observed. Do not loose valuable marks by disobeying the rules at this point. No matter how good your look is, if you have lost valuable marks prior to or during the competition you are not going to win!
  17.  Do NOT touch your models hair on the competition floor until you are told to start and  STOP working when the time is up.

People who win are committed, have patience, prepare well, practice often and never give up! – Team Ireland Mantra

Article written by Maeve O’Healy-Harte, OMC Ambassador, Knight & Officer of Intercoiffure Mondial, Vice-President of A.I.P.P