HABIC Ireland brings you L'Oréal's "Back to Business Salon Support Guide" in support of salons as they re-open during Covid-19.

L’Oréal release “Back to Business Salon Support Guide”

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HABIC Ireland brings you L’Oréal’s “Back to Business Salon Support Guide” in support of salons as they reopen during Covid-19.

The guide, which can be downloaded from the link below, is designed to share advice for salons and hairdressers to help with preparations for reopening under the circumstances of Covid-19.

Whilst we’re all looking forward to getting back to work, the new context is very different to how businesses have been used to operating, and new health and safety standards will need to be adopted to protect clients and staff alike.

The guide covers:

  • L’Oréal’s response to the situation and the steps they are taking to support the industry.
  • An in-salon Hygiene Guide, including illustrated pages you may find useful as printouts while staff and clients adjust to new procedures, e.g. guides on how to correctly don and remove gloves, apply hand sanitzer etc.
  • Organizing your salon team (incl. communicating with staff, reviewing shifts/breaks/opening hours, changes to job responsibilities).
  • Recommendations for adapting and organizing your salon.
  • Communicating with clients.
  • Other things to consider upon reopening.

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