HABIC Membership is open to the entire Hair and Beauty industry. Everyone from student to owner-manager is encouraged to join us. Membership is open to all disciplines from salons, barbers, product retailers, those in the film industry through to product house and cosmetic manufacturers.

As a member of HABIC you will have access to some unique and industry specific information and resources. You will also have access to valuable discounts on services including training courses, professional services and hotel stays. We will continue to negotiate with service providers to grow the benefits that we offer you, bringing you real value and return on your investment.

Of course, HABIC membership exceeds access to financial benefits, it is about networking, raising and sustaining professional standards and ultimately protecting and growing our industry and all those who work within it.

Access to HABIC Membership Resources and Benefits is determined by your Membership Type. Please see below the current HABIC Member Resources and Benefits.

Member Resources

All Members:

Individual, Business & Trade Members:

Member Benefits

Business & Trade Members: