What is HABIC?

HABIC is a Membership Community. Our mission is to act as one national voice to drive advancements for individuals, businesses and the Hair and Beauty industry as a whole. Whether you are embarking on your first qualification or run your own salon or school, our Membership Programme has been created in line with your needs.

Who can become a Member of HABIC?

HABIC offers a choice of memberships for employees and employers alike within the Hair and Beauty industry. That includes those working in the following sectors: beauty schools/ college, cosmetic companies, retail, tv & film and those who service the industry – wholesalers, distributors, accountants, recruitment agencies, insurance brokers, training provides, etc.

Why become a Member of HABIC?

Become a Member of HABIC and join other industry professionals, owners, distributors, manufacturers, schools and students who are committed to growing and improving the Irish Hair and Beauty Industry.

AND – benefit from our Membership Benefits which include Business Supports, Industry Discounts and much more.

Membership Benefits

We are currently finalising our Membership Benefits for 2021 and will launch them shortly. For now, here is an insight into the work that HABIC has undertaken in its first year since it was launched in Oct 2019. Our first year was a challenging one, but you will see from below that HABIC rose to the challenge and has thrived with the support of businesses and professionals like you, who have joined and encouraged us as we campaigned for our Industry and completed many important tasks along the way.

HABIC – 2020 in Summary

  • Remained open, the HABIC office is manned on a full time basis, someone is always at the end of the phone to support you
  • Have dealt with a host of industry concerns and queries via phone, email and social channels
  • Maintained an up-to-date website and blog with all relevant industry information
  • Delivered a submission to the Low Pay Commission
  • Delivered the Industry Re-opening Guidelines in consultation with the HSA, DBEI and all other partnering industry bodies
  • Developed the Rebound Programme in con-junction with Image Skillnet
  • Contributed to a host of learning and development programmes with Image Skillnet
  • Developed the independently audited HABIC/ Glantar Salon Hygiene Award
  • Met directly with the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation to raise industry concerns
  • Met directly with the DBEI and maintained consistent engagement around various industry issues
  • Lobbied for and achieved the 29th June re-opening date for the sector
  • Delivered the first ever, ground-breaking Economic Impact Report on the industry
  • Lobbied for a fair July Stimulus financial aid package from Government
  • Partnered with ISMA and SME Recovery to lobby Government for financial aid for all SME’s
  • Became a Local Leader in the fight for SME Recovery Supports
  • Delivered a pre-budget submission to Government
  • Lobbied for VAT reduction for the industry
  • Chaired the National Hairdressing Apprenticeship Consortium Steering Group
  • Developed a submission for the Apprenticeship Consultation Review 2021-2025
  • Engaged in the Apprenticeship Feedback Consultation session
  • Lobbied for the industry to re-open in advance of Dec 2nd
  • Outlined our very serious concerns around the use of crude rolling lockdowns to all members of the 33rd Dail
  • Engaged in the National Statutory Sick Pay Consultation process with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment
  • Developed the “Reach out and Connect” Campaign to connect with the elderly and vulnerable during the height of the pandemic as featured on RTE
  • Developed an engaging Christmas Advert for the salons to share with their customers
  • Developed a Support and Shop Local Campaign
  • Featured in many newspapers and media publications raising the needs and concerns of our industry
  • Connected a vast number of media requests from journalist and mainstream media with salons for articles, TV and Radio shows
  • Ran the BEST of the BEST Photographic and Business Awards online
  • Hosted a large number of information briefings and education events
  • Hosted a CRSS event with Revenue
  • Developed a host of Resources that can be found on our website www.habic.ie
  • Produced (ongoing) engagement and surveys to gain an understanding of industry issues
  • Completed Research with the University of Limerick and Skillnet Ireland which will be launched in 2021
  • Sparks Residency with Artist Amanda Jane Graham and Leitrim County Council which will be launched in 2021

Coming Soon…

We will launch our Membership Programme shortly, please follow HABIC on Instagram or Facebook for all updates.