Money Matters Masterclass with Ask Paul

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The man behind AskPaul – Paul Merriman is considered as one of Ireland’s leading personal financial advisors specialising in Financial Planning, Cash Flow Modeling, Wealth Management, Strategic Investment Planning, Retirement Planning and more.

HABIC teamed up with Paul to bring HABIC paid members his ‘Money Matters Masterclass’ free of charge. In this webinar, Paul covers a range of financial topics including;
💰 day-to-day money management
💰 budgeting & planning
💰 top tips for making your monthly income last a lot longer
💰 the importance of cash flow modelling and how each financial decision can have a huge impact over the long term.
💰 how to save thousands on your mortgage
💰 how to make the most of that (little bit or a lot of) extra money that you have.
💰 Do you really need a pension?
💰 Should you save or invest your extra money?

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