Patch Testing and COVID-19 Vaccinations, Setting the Story Straight

Patch Testing and COVID-19 Vaccinations

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Setting the Story Straight

Industry StatementCOVID-19 Vaccinations/Patch Testing

To date, we have not seen nor are we aware of any evidence to support or confirm the rumours, regarding the need to wait 2 weeks post-COVID-19 vaccination before getting a colour service or beauty treatment. 

There have been some rumours circulating that has caused some confusion for our UK colleagues, however, the National Hair and Beauty Federation @nhbfsocial has released a statement for colleagues in the UK, which helps bring some clarity to the current situation in the UK.

Allergy Alert Testing

We recommend that in general, clients attend the salon for an Allergy Alert Test before any treatments are carried out. Allergy Alert Testing also known as Patch or Skin Testing, is standard and best practice across the hair and beauty sector. Clients should be invited to attend the salon for a patch test in line with your product manufacturer’s guidelines and the salon’s insurance policies. Please note guidelines can vary between brands and insurance companies therefore it is important to seek clear information and to understand your requirements. 

Standard Protocol

This protocol is standard and best practice across the sector, patch/allergy alert testing is a preventative measure to help protect clients from reactions.  Reactions can occur for various reasons, thus it is an important protocol across the sector. Clients have been away from salons for a minimum of 20 weeks in 2021 and many cases even longer. Many clients had their last appointment in the period from 1st of December – 24th of December 2020 or before Lockdown 2, 21st of October 2020 thus it is important that clients attend for a patch test if requested to do so. 

The Allergy Alert Testing protocol should apply equally to all clients, in line with manufacturer’s and insurance guidelines.  However, if a client has any concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccination, then it is recommended that the client seek the advice of a medical professional and also have a patch test in advance of attending their appointment for a treatment or service. 

GDPR Legislation

A client’s vaccination information is an example of medical data and belongs to a special category as per the GDPR legislation. To seek such data, a salon or employee (operating in their capacity as a part of the business) has to have a legitimate cause. Failure to reasonably justify seeking such data may result in such request being deemed as excessive in line with GDPR. The specific guidance in respect of seeking vaccination information is currently awaited from the Data Protection Commissioner.  

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