HABIC invites you to become a Patron.

Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation (HABIC) is a progressive and transformative organisation working on behalf of its members to deliver a comprehensive action plan, which ensures that the voice and needs of the industry are recognised by all.

There is much to be done, and we are determined, however to achieve all that we have set out to achieve in our Statement of Strategy we require the support of key stakeholders in the industry who like HABIC, want to make a difference and support a sustainable development of this sector of ours. 

Supporting HABIC would put your company at the forefront of the conversation about a vibrant industry that has grown year-on-year since 2012 and will prove vital to our delivery of HABIC’s 9 Strategic Goals.

We understand that becoming a Founding Patron is more about being part of the positive and sustainable transformation of an industry and less about what you will get in return. 

That said, we value our Patrons and we understand that without Patrons, HABIC will struggle to exist. To this end we have a Patronage Programme which sets out what a Patron of HABIC can expect in return. 

By associating your company with the work of HABIC, you will become a noted supporter to those who are employed within the hair and beauty industry. Your involvement will help raise the reputation of hair and beauty in addition to supporting the growth and job creation of an entire industry.

For more information on our Patron Programme and becoming a Patron of HABIC, please email margaret@habic.ie