ReBound, Recover & Beyond Hair and Beauty Industry Tailored Programme.

Pre  COVID-19, the Hair and Beauty Industry of Ireland was a vibrant and booming industry. COVID-19 hit us hard and as business owners, managers and employees, we have been through a lot and there is more to come.  

As of this coming Monday (29th June), we have been given the green light from Government to return to work and to re-open our businesses. As we do so, we must adjust our operating procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is no easy challenge. THEREFORE…

…to assist and support our Hair and Beauty Industry colleagues, together with Image Skillnet, we have developed and created the ReBound, Recover & Beyond Hair and Beauty Industry Tailored Programme.

This is a programme of FREE specialist webinar training, e-learning, virtual classrooms and one-to-one support sessions. 

This sector specific programme will help business Owners & Managers to manager their teams as they navigate the practical application of the Return to Work Safely protocol and the guidance given by the HSA, HSE and beyond. 

The programme includes:

  • 21 Online Training Lessons
  • 2  one-to-one Support Sessions
  • 1  one-to-five Virtual Training Session
  • 30hrs+ FREE Training
  • €2,000+ FREE Training
  • Limited Availability
  • Invaluable Templates
  • Business Audit & Report

The Programme begins as soon as you register and will continue to guide you through to September.

This is an INVALUABLE RESOURCE for all Business Owners & Managers, especially those managing a team.

Space is limited, to avoid disappointment we recommend that you register NOW. 

We wish you all a very safe and successful return to work.


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