Resilience and National Recovery Plan for Living with COVID-19

The Government announces the much anticipated Resilience and National Recovery Plan for Living with COVID-19. This will be the guide for us all – families, business and society over the next 7 months as we Live with Covid-19. It is our country‚Äôs response to saving lives and managing this pandemic and it is now our responsibility to familiarise ourselves with the plan. 

The Framework consists of 5 Level, each with measures in place to help us to go about our daily lives as much as possible as we live with COVID-19. 

Framework’s 5 alert levels

The Framework for Restrictive Measures will help us to go about our daily lives as much as possible, while managing the behaviour of the virus. The Framework consists of 5 Levels:

The plan sets out five levels of response, each with a number of measures designed to help us all lower COVID-19 transmission, and setting out what is permitted at that moment in time. It aims to allow society and businesses to be able to operate as normally as possible, while continuing to suppress the virus.

Each level outlines what is permitted for social or family gatherings, work and public transport, bars, hotels and restaurants, exercise activities and religious services. Read More

Ireland is currently at Level 2

At Level 2, the majority of areas of economy and society, for example: schools, restaurants, pubs and gyms, are open.

The priority is to keep schools and childcare facilities open and minimise disruption in the work force.

Sporting activities can continue, but with a higher level of restriction.

In order to keep people safe, you will be asked to limit the number of people you meet at this level.

What are the implications of Level 2 for the Hair & Beauty Industry? 

Our industry is reminded of 2 things:

  1. to maintain the wearing of PPE Masks

2. to proceed with Protective measures in place.

We suggest that you to refer to the our industry Re-opening Guidelines as a reminder of these Protective Measures. These were prepared and issued by HABIC in collaboration with our industry peers in response to Government request.

We invite you to review these guidelines and apply them appropriately to your salon, barber shop and spa model with the health and safety of you, your staff and clients in mind.

Working together we can move forward in time to Level 1.

Stay safe & stay vigilant and stay informed.


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