Salons Team Up With Women’s Aid To Help Victims Of Domestic Abuse

Today FM (Web), 15/11/2021, Mairead Cleary

Hair and beauty salons will start displaying QR codes on mirrors to link people to information on domestic abuse.

More than 2,500 businesses have signed up to a new initiative by Women’s Aid and the Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation.

One in four women in Ireland in a relationship have been abused by a current or former partner, according to EU research.

Linda Smith from Women’s Aid says the idea is all based on the special connection between a customer and a hairdresser.

“It’s based on a really trusted relationship between the client and the professional”.

“It’s a relationship that’s built over time and it’s quite likely that when you’re feeling comfortable you might disclose that you are in an abusive relationship”.

The packs, containing the QR code, will be on display in salons from next week.

To contact Women’s Aid National Helpline call 1800 341 900

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