SHOP LOCAL – Sustaining Business for the Long Term

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Your business is a local business and you rely on your local community to SHOP LOCAL to keep your town and YOUR BUSINESS alive.

One cannot over emphasise the importance of shopping local for both local businesses and for the residents living within our communities. Let’s face it, if we didn’t have local shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, nail bars, barbers, cafes, etc in our towns and villages, we’d be lost.

Thanks to the CORONAVIRUS, we have all experienced this sense of loss first hand. Other than essential services, there were no shops open and no services to avail of. We couldn’t meet up with friends, we missed out on small talk on the streets and in the shops, we missed out on banter (and company) as we got our nails done or roots covered up.


As a business person we urge you to SHOP LOCAL – lead by example and encourage your staff to do so. 

By the nature of our industry, Hair and Beauty businesses have the ear of the consumer. We are in a powerful position to positively influence our clients. Conversation in salons is part of the client experience, we provide a vital social outlet (and a therapeutic one!!). If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it has taught us just how important this social interaction is, and how important small businesses are to our community and our daily lives. We all know that these local businesses (including your own businesses) needs to be SUPPORTED to SURVIVE!

SHOP LOCAL – It Makes Good Sense!

We urge and encourage you all to use your voice and promote ‘SHOP LOCAL’. Tell your clients of the great service that you have experienced in the local shops nearby. Tell them about the great recommendations that you got in the local book shop, or the great selection of gifts available up the road in the gift shop, or how you love to be back doing Yoga in the local classes. Spread the word, spread positive referrals. The word will spread and you will receive referrals in return. A busy town will bring business to all outlets. Shop Local and Promote Local.

We are now back to work and the tills are ringing again (or I should say, the contactless consoles are beeping again) and now more than ever we realise how important we all are to each other. Our clients need us and we need our clients. Our Towns Need Us and We Need the Support of our Fellow Businesses and Our Local Community.

SHOP LOCAL – keep your money where your home is!

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