Wax the VAT for the Beauty Sector


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#BeautyToo – It’s time to reduce the VAT Rate in the Irish Beauty Sector from 13.5% to 9%

You are reading this, which means that like HABIC you believe that the VAT rate applicable to beauty services must be addressed for the further growth and survival of our great industry.

HABIC has been working behind the scenes lobbying Government for a reduction in the VAT rate. We have undertaken the industry’s first ever Economic Report by economist Jim Power which supports our efforts. (Economic Report)

We now need to apply pressure on our TD’s and in turn our Government, to get behind our efforts and to drive this VAT change.

To get the VAT rate down from 13.5% down to 9% we have a process to follow. The next step requires YOU! And we need to act fast!

What you need to do:

  1. Contact your local TD’s explaining the importance of a VAT Rate Reduction to the Beauty Sector and to your livelihood. We have scripted a letter for you to post / email or deliver to your local TD’s office.
  2. Get a list of the TDs in your constituency and get in touch today!

Let’s stand together as together we are stronger! #BeautyToo

Together we can WAX the VAT!

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