In short… HABIC is committed to driving industry standards, job creation and personal development, along with economic and reputation growth at a national level for our industry, the Hair and Beauty Industry of Ireland.

HABIC Ireland Statement of Strategy

Statement of Strategy

Prior to launch, HABIC invested significant time in researching the requirements and needs of the industry and set out an ambitious plan in our STATEMENT OF STRATEGY. Our 5-Year Plan is underpinned by the collective experience, knowledge and wisdom of the many industry experts already involved.

This strategy document details 5 KEY PILLARS on which HABIC focuses its energy and the support and expertise so generously provided by organisations and committed individuals within our sector.

Our aim is to build key relationships nationally and internationally, and to encourage collaboration with all agencies and stakeholders as we create value and support for the industry. Our 5-Year Plan identifies 9-STRATEGIC GOALS which will see us deliver positive change.

5 Key Pillars

These 5 Key Pillars will form the framework to industry advancement and to achieving our 9-Strategic Goals as set out. Each Pillar will have a supporting committee, all of whom are members of the Executive Council and are contributing their professional experience and expertise on a voluntary basis. Our 5 Key Pillars include:

  • Upskilling & Talent Development
  • Driving Standards & Quality
  • National Professional Register
  • Industry Supports
  • Public Relations

9 Strategic Goals

Our 5-Year Plan identifies 9 Strategic Goals which will see us deliver positive change. Our goals are to;

  1. Become a clear, focused, coherent, united industry voice.
  2. Build upon the current successes, which raise and enhance the collective reputation and value of the industry.
  3. Actively drive sustainable industry and economic growth.
  4. Enable and support workforce development.
  5. Safeguard and raise industry standards and quality.
  6. Work collaboratively to build strong alliances with key stakeholders to help future-proof the industry.
  7. Support members during Brexit and economic downturns via networks and advisory.
  8. Create a strong, inclusive and supportive community of practice for all those involved within the industry.
  9. Be a worldwide exemplar in social innovation.

If you believe in what HABIC is working hard to achieve and deliver, we invite you to join us. We have relaunched our Membership Programme which has been designed in response to the support and assistance that our members and social followers have requested since we launched in 2019. Our members will benefit from a range of excellent and trustworthy Business Supports, substantial Business Discounts and much more. We invite you to read more about our Member Benefits and we look forward to welcoming you to the team!