HABIC is a community-led non-profit membership organisation, with Members, Executive and Advisory Councils representing professionals, salons, manufacturers, distributors, schools and students.

Our organisation is made up of highly skilled, passionate and committed individuals and organisations across a wide range of backgrounds, all working together to deliver national industry support.

The collective experience, knowledge, wisdom and valuable time provided by all involved is essential as we achieve our goals and deliver real transformation and support for our industry.

Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of 30 leading industry professionals who are dedicated and passionate about the development of the industry. The Executive Council is a voluntary working group, that subdivides into pillar committees to work the 5 Key Pillars of HABIC.

We would like to thank our Executive Council for their support, time, hard work, belief and for sharing our vision. We invite you now to meet your Executive Council.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a diverse voluntary group of leading experts from multiple sectors such as beauty, hair, education, media, business, retail and advocacy. The role of The Advisory Council is to offer advice on the strategic direction of HABIC – to guide, support and shape the work of the organisation, and to champion and raise the reputation of the organisation and the industry.

We would like to thank our Advisory Council for their enthusiasm, support, belief and for sharing our vision. We invite you to meet your Advisory Council.

Management & Support Team

Internally, HABIC is driven by a small focused team of multi-disciplined professionals. The role of this team is to support and deliver the requirements of the board, executive council and stakeholders.

The roles of the team include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Co-ordinator
  • Accounts
  • Communications
  • Research and Marketing