Who does Trade Membership apply to?

HABIC TRADE Membership is available for businesses servicing the Hair and Beauty industry and offers members access to valuable resources and benefits including discounts on professional services, training courses and hotel stays. 

HABIC Trade Membership applies to accountants, recruitment agencies, insurance brokers, educators, etc who service the Hair and Beauty Industry. It applies to you whether you are a self-employed sole trader with one outlet or multiple outlets trading under the same business name.

If you have multiple outlets trading under the same business name or you have multiple businesses trading under separate names you will require a Trade Membership for each outlet/ business. 

All Trade Members will be listed in the HABIC Business Listing.

HABIC Trade Membership requires that you fulfil the following:

  1. self-declare your ability to practice as a professional (regardless of the service you provide).
  2. sign up to the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

The HABIC Code of Conduct & Ethics require that the member (where relevant):

  • has obtained a professional standard of training accredited by a recognised certification body.
  • has completed a structured industry hairdressing apprenticeship.
  • has gained relevant practical and professional industry experience.
  • continuously engages in both formal and non-formal Continuous Professional Development in their chosen discipline.
  • ensures they act in a professional manner and maintains professional behaviours and business practices in their chosen career.
  • always puts the consumer’s safety and protection at the core of all treatments.
  • uses products or equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • delivers quality services, and ensures that the safety of all consumers, public, staff, employees, colleagues and oneself is put ahead of personal or financial gain.
  • removes any public health risk to ensure that a safe environment and experience is provided to all.
  • always acts in an ethical manner ensuring the dignity, honesty, respect and welfare of all consumers, public, employees and colleagues, industry and oneself is retained.
  • operates with appropriate, applicable and relevant insurance policies, and ensures that all treatments and services offered are covered by the policy. (organisations and individuals where applicable).
  • in the case of organisations, that they act within the legal parameters of the Companies Act.
  • declares that any appropriate deductions and taxes due to the Revenue are paid and remain up to date.
  • ensures that all employees’ rights are maintained in line with legislation.
  • (organisation) ensures that all employees are competent to carry out professional and relevant treatments and services on the public.
  • (organisations and professionals) act as industry champions and advocates for the betterment of the collective industry.

I verify that as a member of HABIC, I will abide by the HABIC Code of Conduct and Ethics.