Laila Sergejeva

My name is Laila Sergejeva. I am Latvian native who have moved to Ireland in 2004 and have  had done all my carrier training and hairdressing start in Latvia.  Attended Gymnasium of Maths and completed 4 years in hairdressing  school in Riga. Have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.  My vision of my hairdressing carrier and love to it has only grown since I have achieved my dream. I enjoy my work and love the industry.  Have worked in 2 other salons in Ireland (Carrick on Shannon) before  opening my own business Laila Valentino  hairdressing 7 years ago.

I have attended several courses and training trou my hairdressing carrier. Learning is the secret of the success in my business. Colour master and cutting master in recent years have been a great boost to my hairdressing carrier.  Love seeing junior stylists blossoming in my salon to an amazing senior stylists. Its the biggest reward see them achieving and succeeding in the journey.  Have taken great intrest in natural hair haircare and scalp issues.  Love learning of natural herbal impact to our body and environment.  Have resived  a trechnology diploma(Philip  Kingsley London ) 2 years ago giving my custimers the expertise in hair and scalp issues.

Learning  never ending with me as I take take intrest in health, hairdressing, leading my team and business. I enjoying my life with my family too and I think it’s very important to take time out as it’s very busy lifstyle as hairdresser and leader of the salon.Travelling is my weakness and strength in the same time. To be good what I do I need to recharge my self to be able to share and create amizing work in my salon and be there for my colleagues. This year is a very special year I have achieved the dream of my carrier  by purchasing my own salon in Carrick on shannon and enploying team of 12 amazing professionals.  The poison for life and hairdressing comes with great team on  my side and family I have. 

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