Another Milestone in the Winding Road to Recovery & Reconnecting HABIC Ireland reports

Friday Oct 22nd, Another Milestone in the Winding Road to Recovery

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Oct 22nd, is another of those dates that we have been looking forward to, not necessarily with the same anticipation as Dec 25th, but a date that our Government assigned in the growing list of COVID calendar dates.

Following days of media speculation, yesterday the Government officially confirmed the Public Health measures that will come into place on Friday, 22nd Oct.

The bottom line for the Hair and Beauty industry is, little has changed.

  • Social Distancing still stands
  • Sanitisation responsibilities still stand
  • Mask wearing in salons is still a requirement
  • COVID contact tracing data must still be collected
  • Ventilation is still important for the safety of your clients and your team

The upside for the Personal Care Industry…

The good news for our industry is that night clubs will re-open and the capacity at weddings and other indoor formal events will no longer be capped.

This means that there will be a higher demand for our services with more and more people going out.

Scheduling and Appointments

With Social Distancing still in place, capacity within our workplaces is still restricted. This means that with an anticipated rise in demand for our services, that we will have to be smart and organised as we schedule appointments.

At this stage most of you will be re-booking clients for subsequent visits as a matter of course. It is all the more important now to proactively do this, and to have appointments for the next few months organised well in advance.

For full details on the Public Health Measures coming into place next Friday, 22nd Oct, please see:

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