ABIC Members Payroll Webinar Aug 202

Paycheck Plus Webinar

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Payroll is a task of running a business that most of us would avoid given half the chance. It is also a task that our members identified as one they would like assistance with.

HABIC joined forces with Áine Crawley, Assistant Payroll Manager at Paycheck Plus to bring you a webinar covering all the good stuff including:

  • Salary (including hourly payments)
  • Processing of commission / bonuses
  • Processing of employee tips
  • Organisation of Working Time Act to include holiday & public holiday entitlement
  • Organisation of Working Time Act to include rest & working time  
  • Protection of young persons

This webinar was live on the 21st of Aug 2021 for all paid members of HABIC, and is now available for you to watch at your leisure and as often as you like. Simply log in below to access this valuable content.

The following content is only available to HABIC Business and Trade Members

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