HABIC’s Guide to Navigating the Uncharted Waters of COVID-19 Part 4

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PART 4 – Adaptive Leadership; What can you do proactively right now that will positively impact your life or business in the long run?

We continue our short exploration into things we can do now, during this unusual and lets face it, totally unexpected time away from our salons and places of work. We’re taking a look at things that will have a positive impact on you, your team and your business when all of this is over and we exit our cocoons.

So now you have it…. TIME! After years of telling yourself that you don’t have any spare time, time is
what you now have in abundance. Granted, you may be filling your days looking after family – but
you will without doubt have a few hours to spare that you would not have had previously.

How are you going to fill this time?
There is so much you can do now that will positively impact you in the future. There is so much that is accessible on our devices, so much in regard to education, personal development, new skills, hobbies, exercise, and children’s activities.

For the purpose of this blog, we are going to point you in the direction of some good Adaptive Leadership and Financial Advice.

Adaptive Leadership

What is Adaptive Leadership, I hear you ask? There are 4 principles of Adaptive Leadership, and they create a leadership framework for you to pursue:

  • Navigating business environments
  • Leading with empathy
  • Learning through self-correction and reflection
  • Creating win-win solutions

OpenSource.com has a very detailed blog about Adaptive Leadership in business – check it out here:
Adaptive Leadership Blog.

Your Finances – be proactive!

One key element of adapting to the situation we find ourselves in is communication around
finances. It is a really difficult time for everyone in the industry both personally and professionally. Thousands
of employees have lost their jobs and financial security, and everyone is isolated from their Tribe. The
worry about finances may be starting to set in, but we strongly encourage you to be proactive.
At this point everyone should be reviewing their finances (personal and business). We should all be
focusing on income, expenditure and how you can put measures in place to avoid going into
arrears. We all need to take action now – action that will help protect our credit rating in the long run.

MABS the Money, Advice and Budgeting Service has lots of very help information and budgeting tools to help you review your finances and deal with creditors. If you need any financial guidance MABS offer brilliants support and resources to help you proactively deal with this crisis. Their service is Free, Confidential and Independent.
MABS Helpline phone number is 0761072000, Monday –Friday 9am to 8pm

MABS SME Supports during COVID-19
MABS information on dealing with your creditors
MABS information on mortgage payment breaks
MABS information about managing on a reduced income

MABS Downloadable Budgeting Template
MABS Online Debt and Budgeting Tool

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