wella professionals corona virus guide for hair and beauty industry

WELLA Professionals Issue a Guide to ‘Stay Safe, Stay Connected’

The support for the Hair and Beauty industry during these difficult times is in abundance. Over the next short while, HABIC Ireland will seek out this guidance and share it with you. Our Blog will continue to be your one-stop-shop for advice and guidance from within the industry.

Today, we share with you WELLA’s ‘Stay Safe, Stay Connected Guide’. It is a comprehensive guide of how you can stay in touch with Clients while at home. It’s packed with great ideas and detailed step-by-step directions on how to implement these ideas.

The Guide includes tips on:

  • how to conduct a virtual hair consultation
  • how to help your clients to embrace their roots
  • how to set up your online shop
  • how to maximise your social media accounts

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