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What a Difference a Day Makes…

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What is the difference between salons reopening on the 1st or 2nd after all it is only one day!!!

The Reality is…

The reality and lost revenue for one day in regard to personal grooming services is massive. At this point most salons are fully booked to trade on the 1st of December, however the current regulation S.I 448/2020 is not due to expire until midnight on the 1st, which means that doors should reopen on the morning of the 2nd of December.  

On behalf of the hair, beauty and spa sectors, HABIC has written to the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar along with each and every member of the 33rd Dail. We sent 160 emails to every TD across 39 constituencies to outline our members concerns in regard to reopening and trading on the 1st of December and fears of rolling lockdowns. You can read our letter HERE.

What happens if we do not reopen on the 1st December …

If the personal grooming service industry does not reopen and trade on the 1st of December than a very conservative figure of €4,736,842 million euro in revenue will be lost . Please note – this figure does not include the losses in regard to any form of retail sold in salons. If you add in Hair Products, Cosmetics and Skincare products the loss of revenue for one day could be as high as €8,684,202 million lost.

Many have said that the industry could work additional hours in December to make up for the losses. While many salons will do their very best to accommodate clients, the reality is that personal grooming services are delivered by a skilled professional who work by appointment, delivering a very high level of service in an extremely controlled, professional and safe environment. Unlike other industries it is not possible to easily employ seasonal or casual staff to make up for lost trading time. If salons are not permitted to trade on the 1st  of December a minimum of €4,736,842 Million euro per day will be lost in Revenue, which massively impacts the industry and is also a massive loss to society and the exchequer.

We are seeking the EASING OF RESTRICTIONS AND BEYOND for the Hair, Beauty and Spa Industries and await a reply from Government.


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