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Work Safely Content

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Your doors have re-opened, and your clients are back.

From all the engagement and feedback from our Members yesterday (Monday May 10th – will we ever forget that date!), there is an overwhelming sense of joy, of re-connection and of purpose.

And knowing that we are one of the first sectors to re-open has spread a sense of pride across the Personal Care sector – and rightly so.

We were forerunners in the development of, and adoption of re-opening guidelines, with businesses big and small throughout the country putting protocols and procedures in place for the protection of their staff and clients. We earned an early re-opening date on June 29th and now again on May 10th.

All of that said, we must not take ‘being open for business’ for granted. Despite all of our learnings and the rollout of our country’s vaccination plan, we are still in the midst of a pandemic.

HABIC will continue to support you with information, advice and recommendations as we continue along this unprecedented journey.

Today, we share with you ‘Work Safely Content’ which has been delivered by The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment for businesses to use within their outlets, on their social media and websites. They are communication tools for you to you use and include:

HABIC, is here to support you. We will continue to engage with Government departments to ensure recognition for our Industry’s proactive efforts and for the financial Support that is so badly needed. If you have not yet become a member of HABIC, we invite you to do so today. We are stronger together and there is strength in numbers – these are not cliches, they are fact. Join Us today and have a voice! JOIN NOW

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